Work Culture

Before we get started…

This is America

Work Is Virtue

Success is a function of work

So, now the real questions…

  • Why do we work?
  • How is this serving us?
  • What do we want to get out of work?

Now, I’d like to offer some hope.

Your life is more than your work.

You can do work that matters.

1. If you are just entering the workforce

2. If you are already working but want to change

You have the power to affect change

  • Is there a Union you can join to improve your ability to collectively bargain for improved working conditions and pay?
  • Are there political candidates you can support who are strong advocates for the middle class and lower class? Are they advocating work worker rights?
  • Can you call your Representatives in Congress?
  • Is there a free or low-cost training that you can attend to give you the skills to move to a new position with better pay or benefits?
  • Are you taking your vacation days, taking your sick days when you need them, or standing up for your right to have a weekend by shutting off your work email and declining calls?

Don’t let the accepted narrative be your narrative, by default



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Jeff Gibbard

Jeff Gibbard

Founder, Superhero Institute. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant. World’s Most Handsome Strategist. Relentless Student of Leadership. Podcaster.