The Tyranny of Opportunity

  • When you don’t have enough, it feels helpless.
  • When you have too much, it feels overwhelming.
  1. Busy chasing new opportunities.
  2. Busy working to take advantage of our existing opportunities.

In Search of Balance

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Advice from the Trenches

1. Identify Hard Boundaries

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  • The type of opportunities you will or won’t entertain
  • How many hours you will dedicate to a certain activity every week or month
  • The lowest billable rate you are willing to negotiate

2. Overcome Paralysis with Process

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3. Quantify “enough”

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  • After how many hours will you have worked enough today? This week? This month? This year?
  • How much money do you need to earn before you can breathe?

Exert Control

  • You can identify and enforce boundaries.
  • You can focus on making small gains even when things feel out of sorts.
  • You can define, for yourself, when you have enough.



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