The Five Secrets of Brands that Succeed on Social Media

Social Media Marketing Success

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  • social media makes us money
  • social media saves us money
  1. Company posts a status update on Facebook with a link to buy product for $100 dollars
  2. 100 people see the status update and 5 people buy the product
  3. Company generates $500 in revenue and after factoring in its costs for labor and materials, the company generates $400 in profit
  1. Company actively audits their C-suite and Board of Directors to ensure a more diverse and representative group of people
  2. Company engages in a year long campaign to promote its blogs and video content on social media highlighting internal diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  3. Company sees cost savings through greater retention of existing talent, improved profitability from enhanced innovation by incorporating diverse perspectives, and attracts top talent leading to a reduction in fees paid to external recruiters.

Secret #1: Let Brand Guide The Way

  • Without a clear understanding of the company’s purpose, beliefs, or position in the market, the social media marketing will be haphazard, destined to ring hollow or be confusing.
  • Without a clear understanding of their values, recruitment campaigns will fall flat or bring in the wrong people.
  • Without a messaging architecture, each campaign, touch-point, or representative may send a conflicting message.
  • know who their ideal customer is, so the messaging resonates
  • know who they are and what change they’re out to make in the world, so the ideal customer and team member gravitates toward them
  • have a North Star guiding all of their decisions from the tone of their sales offers, to the feeling of their video content, to the cadence and personality of their day-to-day social media management

Secret #2: Meet Expectations

  1. Information
  2. Entertainment
  3. Customer Service

Secret #3: Double Down on Responsiveness

Secret #4: Consistency

  1. Go viral
  2. Keep showing up
  • Be informative when it matters.
  • Be entertaining, if that’s your thing.
  • Be responsive with customer service.

Secret #5: Master Expectations

  • I had a client years ago who expected that merely being on Twitter (brand new account btw) would net him whale-sized clients…within 3 months.
  • I’ve seen clients recently scratching their heads when their self-serving, overtly promotional post on Instagram failed to generate new signups.
  • I’ve seen social media managers put through hell because the CEO thought a post on a random Wednesday was uninspired. (Don’t you have anything better to focus on, Bob?)

Bonus Secret: Embrace Efficiency

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P.S. The Future of Social Media (on this blog)



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