The Default and The Deviation

4 ante meridiem

  • staying up until 4am; or
  • waking up at 4am
“we have some SAD new for you”

But, is this TRUE?

  • Sure, there are a lot of people who wake up early and are very productive.
  • Sure, there are many people who are quite happy as they wake up.
  • Sure, there are lots of billionaires who wake up early.

Maybe it’s time you just get a job.

silhouette of people on field during daytime
  • inconsistency with my “salary”
  • no 401K or retirement plan
  • no healthcare
  • a tax situation orders of magnitude more complex than those with jobs
  • difficulty getting a mortgage; and
  • until the brief pandemic-inspired PPP loans, no unemployment protection at all

The One Way

  • There is not one way to sleep and wake
  • There is not one way to work
  • There is not one way to be in a romantic relationship, nor does one even have to be in a relationship
  • There is not one way to look
  • We can redefine or retire the idea of what professionalism looks like, especially since the prevailing definition is exclusionary.
  • We can rethink the way we manage our work environments to incentivize collaboration and equity, especially since the way we currently do it does not.
  • We can create a political infrastructure that allows for differing opinions while still respecting individual boundaries.
  1. What assumptions or broad generalizations have been made from these stories I have around leadership, diversity, and creativity?
  2. How exposed am I to divergent ideas and experts who are from different identities than my own with what I read, watch, and support? Who and what can I add to my resources to expand my cultural competency and social/cultural knowledge?
  3. What values do I care about the most and how can my behaviors better externally express my internally held values?



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