Single Serving Culture

The Culture Here

  • We form opinions about how others treat us, and whether or not they value us.
  • We judge our compensation and benefits.
  • We think about how much work we’re assigned, and the expectations others place upon us.
  • How do you talk to yourself? Are you tuned in to the voice that berates, undermines, or shames you?
  • Do you give yourself adequate breaks? Or are you pushing yourself to the brink, teetering on the edge of burnout?
  • How are you compensating yourself? Are you eating right? Are you making time to go to the gym? Are you making time for friends and family?
  • What are your values and are you honoring them? Are you letting the work dictate your values, or are you working from those values?
  • Have you defined a mission and purpose? Or are you working without direction, inspiration, or meaning?



Founder, Superhero Institute. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant. World’s Most Handsome Strategist. Relentless Student of Leadership. Podcaster.

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