How to Unsubscribe

“How did you get my ____?”

  • On the one side you have products, services, and communications that you explicitly granted access to your email address or credit card.
  • On the other side, you have unsolicited, products, services, or communications that you were subscribed to without consent.

“How do I get off this f***ing ______?!”

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If you’re receiving this post by email and are looking to unsubscribe, I’m sorry to inform that clicking the GIF will not work in my email, but the link at the bottom still does. However, I will be updating my emails, in the near future, to contain something similar in the footer.

“This is not the world I envisioned”

  • We can cease to give our time and attention to toxic or harmful ideas.
  • We can cease to be in bad relationships, either at home or at work.
  • We can change our environment for the same reasons we would switch from Spotify to a competing service.

Subscription Maintenance

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