Today, I want to give you permission to consider that maybe, you might just work differently.

Before finishing my book, I remember speaking with various authors, all of whom were willing to share their writing process. What I found was that most of the authors I spoke to adhered to some form of disciplined writing schedule.

Some wrote for a period of time each day or every other day, where others had a specific word count they had to hit each day or week. …

How does one change the world?

It’s the question I think about more than anything else (more on that later). It’s also something people routinely claim to be in pursuit of, or already doing, and thankfully, some people truly are out there trying to change the world.

Today, I want to cover two different sides of changing the world:

  1. What it means when we say “change the world.”
  2. How to go about changing the world.

In order to address both, we have to start in the same place: language.

There’s a phenomenon known as semantic satiation where a word temporarily…

You want to be rich, right?

Well, if you do, you’re in luck.

  • 9/10 gurus agree that you should read Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
  • 9/10 gurus agree that your mindset is the key to success.
  • 9/10 gurus have a product you can buy at a discounted price for a limited time only

Unfortunately, 9/10 gurus never even asked you what you really want out of life.

The message is that money will fix what’s wrong in our lives and the suggestion is that there’s a simple solution…aren’t you glad that you’ve found it?

Let’s talk…

“The Golden Rule” did not originate under Christianity.

Its earliest usage predates popular usage by more than a millennia with earliest historical records dating it to 2040–1650 BCE.

I believe that love matters anywhere and everywhere, including at work.

  • I’m married, but I’ve also been divorced.
  • I have close friends, but I’ve also lost friends.
  • I’ve had loyal clients who would rave about working with me, but I’ve also been fired by clients, and had to fire clients.
  • I’ve had colleagues that I would’ve moved mountains for, and others that I’m thrilled to never interact with ever again (you know who you are 👀).

Throughout all of the good relationships and bad relationships, I’ve learned the difference between LIKE and LOVE. Contrary to popular usage, these are…

We left Friday morning around 9:30am and arrived in Newport, Rhode Island a little after 3:00pm.

We had a lobster roll almost immediately. The next day, we walked along the water passing by enormous mansions that were once the summer homes of the rich and powerful. We had lunch at a local clam shack. That evening, we drove to Hyannis, Massachusetts.

For today’s post, I want to talk about the widgets you make.

“Widget” is our stand-in for products and services.

  • If you sold your widgets for $1 each, you would need to sell 1,000 widgets to make $1,000.
  • At $10 each, you’d need to sell 100 widgets to make $1,000.
  • At $100, you’d only need to sell 10 widgets to make $1,000.

The price of your widget depends on a variety of factors. I’ve covered this in detail and you can read up on that here.

Today, let’s talk about how to raise your prices.

The first step in raising…

Work, like everything else in life, is perfect. Things go perfectly according to plan and everyone I interact with is perfectly amazing, and perfectly easy to get along with.

-No one, ever

It is no secret, nor surprise, that teams that work well together outperform those with constant in-fighting and backstabbing, especially over the long term.

However, creating and maintaining a high functioning team is not as simple as snapping your fingers. The issues that come up that need to be resolved and that takes time, effort, and emotional labor.

Let’s unpack where many of these problems come from and…

In the comics, Heroes and Villains are typically clearly defined. In reality, particularly in business, things are less obvious.

Jeff Gibbard

Founder, Superhero Institute. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant. World’s Most Handsome Strategist. Relentless Student of Leadership. Podcaster.

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